National feeling won

David Morris retains his Parliamentary seat for Morecambe and Lunesdale's Conservative Party.
David Morris retains his Parliamentary seat for Morecambe and Lunesdale's Conservative Party.
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Well, the elections seem to have curve-balled just about everyone. Once again Mr Morris is the beneficiary of national feelings rather than local, but now you are in again, could I please ask for some humility.

You have categorically not single-handedly got us the link road, a new power station and created several thousand jobs. These are outrageous claims that the vast majority of us do not fall for, nor is it fair to the many people behind the scenes who do actually work hard to make these things happen.

You did not save badgers, you voted, despite significant scientific advice to the contrary, to slaughter thousands of them, “through gritted teeth” does not count. I suppose you will soon be voting for the resumption of fox slaughter to appease your hoorah-Henry Tory heartland voters too.

Locally, it’s great to see new blood on Lancaster City Council, business-savvy people who put their money where their mouth is for Morecambe.

This has also at long last dislodged the stranglehold the MBIs had on the Town Council, and they have certainly strangled the development of Morecambe, like not supporting the Carnival.

The old guard are still there, sadly, but now there is a chance of seeing them sidelined into oblivion and the precept spent wisely, not carrying six-figure sums forward year on year in a town that desperately needs investment, vision and dynamism.

So, congratulations to all those elected, albeit “through gritted teeth” in some cases.

Finally, in terms of regional politics, which bureaucratic wonderkin decided that Lancaster and Fleetwood go together? This does absolutely zero towards uniting Lancaster and Morecambe (including peripheral towns/villages). One MP should represent this area, that should be a no-brainer. Division only means confusion and weakness in an area with unprecedented potential.

Ian Hughes


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