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A reader asks if MP David Morris is 'too embarrassed' to pay Morecambe's food bank a visit.
A reader asks if MP David Morris is 'too embarrassed' to pay Morecambe's food bank a visit.
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On January 22 I noted an interesting topic being aired on the TV. It was a programme about the Euro Zone printing billions of euros and unloading them via financial institutions. This apparently was in the hope of stimulating borrowing to kick start the European economy. The money would be made available, via financial institutions, to the general public. No doubt the financial institutions would be charging interest on these loans. Surly though, this is one of the reasons why we are in the financial mess that we are in now, borrowings and debt.

We, here in Britain are told that Government spending still has to be cut further and more austerity measures introduced. As the politicians seem to have continued to enjoy to live a life of publicly funded Riley, how about the following as a way of drastically reducing the Government’s spending of our tax money.

Do we really need a House of Lords? What do they produce for the country apart from a long and financially costly tradition? No doubt they will think of thousands of reasons why we need them. Why not disband the House of Lords, let them get a proper job and save the country millions of pounds a year of public money?

Do we really need all the politicians in the old boys’ club at the House of Commons? Why not make half of them redundant and again save millions of pounds of public money? If there were fewer of them, they might start to make decisions about running the country more efficiently, instead of the endless game of banter that they indulge in now.

The politicians seem the be part of a very small group of people who have not suffered the effects of the recession, though they appear to be the cause of it. The one per cent of the rich get richer and the other 99 per cent of the population get worse off.

Hence the regrettable need for food banks that British families are having to resort to, to survive. I note our local, highly paid and expensive MP is apparently refusing to visit a local food bank. Possibly he is too embarrassed to see the implications of a situation that he has help create. He also appears to have stopped working for his constituents. He certainly has not answered any of my emails, apart from the official acknowledgment, since November last year. Possibly in view of the forthcoming election, he is job hunting.

That just leaves the Houses of Parliament/Palace of Westminster building. Why not give our reduced government population new, smaller premises in the real world, outside London. We are told that there is a housing shortage in the UK, especially in London. Sell the property off to a developer, for conversion into executive flats. I am sure that there are many executives who would like that address on their letter head. That again would save the public purse millions of pounds of tax payers money per year.

Food for thought, especially with a General Election coming soon.

Jim Speed

West End


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