My favourite haunt Floral Hall was packed each night

John and Doreen Read's picture pof the old Empire / Arcadian buildings. Morecambe.
John and Doreen Read's picture pof the old Empire / Arcadian buildings. Morecambe.
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During the war my family and I moved to Morecambe from Grimsby because of the blitz. It was wonderful.

Now I live in Plymouth but during the years I lived in Morecambe I must say were years to remember. I made lots of friends and one in particular still telephones me and I her.

She sends me The Visitor and then we discuss it over the telephone. I was Madge Miller and her name is Joan Thornton.

We are now in our late 80s and I know things alter with the years but nothing can blot out the happy memories.

The Floral Hall in the 40s would be packed every night. That was our favourite haunt. More of Joan’s than mine because I worked at The Palladium and she worked in Littlewoods.

The view across the bay was wonderful, still is. There were no tables and chairs or racks of dresses on the prom and never any litter.

On a Sunday afternoon I think everybody was walking there.

Later on we both joined the army so for a few years we were moved to Plymouth but still returned home every year to see my very dear friends.

In fact one year I went home and bought a house. It was wonderful to be back but how the place had changed.

Places boarded up for years, empty shops and loads of charity shops and I must say when I read The Visitor I wonder whether it is a Morecambe paper or Lancaster.

Most of it is about the latter. I feel Mr Gaunt would have had that nevertheless.

Even if all our favourite places like The Floral, the piers and the cinemas and bandstand have disappeared Morecambe is still wonderful in my eyes.

Good luck Morecambe.

Madge Jenkins

Milehouse Road


l Pictures shows Floral Hall and the old Empire Buildings on Morecambe Promenade