Mum treated fast and well

Ward 35 has been closed at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.
Ward 35 has been closed at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.
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My Mum was admitted to A&E, RLI, via her GP, on Monday December 29, at approximately 7.30pm, and there are no words to express our gratitude for the wonderful care and attention she received.

She was taken immediately into the triage room then waited about 10 minutes before being called into a cubicle.

From then on she had an ECG, blood tests and an X-ray (the doctor who saw her even wheeled her to X-ray on her bed). She was diagnosed with pneumonia.

Within minutes she had been given IV antibiotics by her nurse, Katy.

The longest wait was for a bed on AMU but that was understandable as the whole hospital was apparently full to capacity and presumably some poor person had to be moved late at night.

The whole department was frantically busy that night, I just don’t know how the staff cope and yet all remain so pleasant and professional.

In these days of A&E departments across the country getting so much bad press I just wanted you to know that this patient and her family can’t praise all concerned enough.

Within 24 hours she was like a different lady and she was home within 48 hours. Not bad for an almost 90-year-old, and she continues to make very good progress.

Jennifer Sedgwick


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