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Food bank.
Food bank.
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I was unsure whether to be amused or irritated that David Morris has “vowed to visit Morecambe Bay Foodbank”, as reported in The Visitor.

The Foodbank was set up in mid-2012, which means that Mr Morris has had more than 18 months to find time to call in. An invitation was extended via his office, when the Foodbank was being set up, asking if he was interested to see what we were doing.

Sometime later, when he was due to visit nearby, another invitation was sent. There was no response to either invitation. Our manager, Annette Smith, met Eric Ollerenshaw last year and asked him if he would like to visit the Foodbank. He acknowledged that some of his constituents use our services but as it was not actually in his constituency he declined the offer. He said, however, that he would pass the invitation on to David Morris, but yet again nothing happened.

The Morecambe Bay Foodbank, part of The Trussell Trust, has been reported in the press and other media many times since its conception and we have the support of many good people.

It is a non-political organisation but we have been visited by two local councillors, while others are concerned enough ask for regular updates.

However, our local MP has shown not the slightest interest. If he really does “want to know exactly what’s going on” why has it taken the recent article in The Visitor to prompt his attention?

Foodbanks throughout the UK have been in the news for many months but only now is Mr Morris saying “I want to go and find out why people in my constituency are using it”.

It would seem he is motivated more by political gain than genuine concern for his most desperate constituents.

I hope he is not planning to use the Foodbank solely for PR purposes or a photo opportunity, but if he has a real desire to learn he would not be turned away. I would like to suggest he offers to spend a day helping the volunteers and discovering what we do, how we do it and why.

I should add that I am not an official spokesperson for the Foodbank but I have been a volunteer from the start.

Mrs Robin Moran

Hawkshead Drive