MP: I will visit but need facts

Food bank.
Food bank.
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I write in response to Mrs Moran’s letter to the Visitor, April 1 (MP yet to visit).

I have been trying for months to get some meaningful figures from the Trussell Trust prior to visiting the food bank to ensure the visit is productive. The Trussell Trust took months to respond to my enquiry and in the end it seems that they do not know how many people there are using their service.

Food banks are an emotive issue and I do not want to see people starving in my constituency, however as the Member of Parliament it is my responsibility to address this issue factually. If the Trussell Trust do not keep on record how many people are using the food bank and for what reason then I cannot tackle the reasons of why the food banks are needing to be used nor can I see the full extent of the problem.

Currently the Trussell Trust record the number of visits in Lancashire and divide this number by the number of food banks. This does not give an accurate reflection of how many people visit each food bank or how many of the same people are using each food bank.

I am more than happy to visit the food bank in Morecambe but will only do so with the Chief Executive of the Trussell Trust, along with accurate data of how many people are using the food bank, how often each person is using it, and the reasons the food bank is being used to allow me to make an informed and responsible visit.

David Morris MP

Member of Parliament for Morecambe and Lunesdale.