Moving occasion

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May I thank the considerable number of people and organisations who attended the Lights Out ceremony at Lancaster War Memorial on Monday, August 4, to commemorate the centenary of Britain’s entry into the First World War.

The Royal British Legion is the custodian of remembrance and it is so important that we remember all those who answered the call to arms, who died for their country, who were injured and whose families suffered as a result of the war.

We hope that by being reminded of the horror of war nations will find a better way to settle their differences.

We were very grateful to the Mayor who placed the first candle on behalf of the City of Lancaster and also placed a candle for HMS Lancaster. She was followed by representatives of the armed forces, and the civilian services and members of the public.

It was lovely to see so many candles and it was a very moving occasion. Thank you all very much.

Raymond Hirst

President, Secretary and Press Officer

Lancaster Royal British Legion.