Mother’s Day abuse

WHILE travelling through Lancaster on Mother’s Day, my partner and I were subjected to a 10-minute tirade of verbal abuse by a group of 10-15 adult men, which only ended when one of them spat at us.

This was not after a drunken night out at closing time.

It was in broad daylight in the centre of Lancaster.

The catalyst for this was the fact my partner had beeped her horn to warn a cyclist who was weaving out wide in front of the car as we rounded the junction of Bulk Road and North Road.

He was one of a group of riders who then began shouting abuse as they rode past.

Due to the traffic conditions, we passed this group of cyclists six or seven times through the city centre, each time being sworn at by the majority of the cyclists passing the car.

Most of these riders could not possibly have seen what happened at the junction, as they were 50-60 metres ahead. They were just happy to abuse a motorist.

Approaching The Pointer roundabout we once again drew level with the cyclists who rounded the roundabout.

Arriving at the cycle path heading along Greaves Road, there was a group of riders three abreast (two in the cycle lane and one 18 inches into the road).

Again as a warning of possible danger my partner beeped her horn, as the road had narrowed where there is a zebra crossing and cars were coming off the roundabout behind us.

This resulted in another torrent of abuse, and as we passed the front cyclists, one of them turned his head, spat on the car and swore.

I understand some motorists are not very considerate to cyclists, but the majority are. We had done nothing but warn a cyclist of our immediate presence. No harassment or impatience.

It is a shame that the council has spent a lot of time and resources into making the area cycle friendly and yet certain cyclists seem so anti-car that they can justify such illegal and anti-social behaviour.

Name and address supplied.