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Oh dear Mr Morris, you and your researcher should really check your facts (Clearing up Labour mess, July 16).

You may have seen the article in The Visitor regarding my experience as a paediatric (children and babies) nurse from before the NHS and for 30+ years.

Fact one: Mrs Thatcher limited the number of student nurses we could train so we had to send away dozens of well-educated, motivated and healthy youngsters, who would be senior staff now supervising standards of care.

Fact two: Due to that we didn’t have enough nurses to care for our patients so all trained staff worked many hours overtime.

Fact three: Mrs Thatcher then stopped us paying them overtime and unlike her they would not let ill and sometimes dying children suffer, and so they worked many, many hours of unpaid overtime.

Fact four: About the time the Labour Government left office there was an international survey of health care worldwide and the NHS was second for efficiency and cost.

Now, again, the NHS is failing to give first class care.

I was recently an inpatient at RLI; 99 per cent of the nursing staff were fantastic, kind caring and efficient but stressed and frustrated by the various departments, ie: pharmacy, x-ray, scanner, etc, not having enough staff causing delay in treatment and discharge, so beds were not freed for the next patient and wasting more money.

So please Mr Morris tell your friends Mr Cameron and Mr Hunt to stop wasting tax payers’ money (everyone pays tax even if it is only VAT) and spend the money on the highly trained technical staff including physio, speech therapists, x-ray, scanner and pathology laboratory staff and pharmacists, and not on layers of business managers who do not understand or care about patient care.

Dilys Greenhalgh


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