More homes affect roads

Lancaster Town Hall.
Lancaster Town Hall.
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Twelve thousand more houses are being planned for our area, so what’s that, around 30,000 more people (22 per cent population explosion) and, more worryingly, about 18,000 more cars on the roads.

I’m currently doing a degree at Lancaster University, to travel six point six miles from my home in Morecambe, it takes about 50 minutes, which is an average speed of eight miles per hour. A friend on the same course, who travels from Colne, 52 miles away, also takes 50 minutes.

I suggest LCC should be putting a bid in now for the Western Bypass as well as the one that’s being built, considering it took 60 years to get this one started.

This is a Government directive, some faceless bureaucrat was probably given a total number of houses and just divided it up across the country.

But wait – isn’t it the case that we are not short of houses, there are just too many people? This is not xenophobia or racism, it is pure pragmatism. Our country is buckling under the weight of people here as it is; the NHS is in near meltdown, there aren’t enough jobs and we have catastrophic floods because so much of the country is already concreted over which stops the rain soaking into the ground, put simply.

Oldham was once separate from Manchester, but now the two places only have a line on a map dividing them. Will we soon be joined to Preston? Our area is very lucky to be an island surrounded by exceptional landscape, but it is being steadily eaten away by ‘developments’.

Finally, you can bet your life that all the quality housing developments will go to Lancaster (the norm already), whilst Morecambe gets more shoebox social housing with the resultant social deprivation problems. That’s fine though, as long as LCC keep most of Morecambe deprived, they get more money from the central pot – to spend on Lancaster.

Ian Hughes


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