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Voting - election booth.
Voting - election booth.
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With less than 100 days to go before residents in the Lancaster district have the opportunity to vote for who they want to represent them in both the local and Parliamentary elections, it was disappointing to read last week’s ‘Who’s The Daddy’ column (entitled ‘Elections mean politicians are nice to us all of a sudden’)in which the author aired his personal opinion on the worth of voting.

Putting a cross in a ballot box may seem insignificant and a waste of time for some but there are many others, regardless of how little faith they have in any party, who appreciate that by living in Britain, we have something that others are denied and fighting for across the world.

People have campaigned for generations to give the citizens of the UK a free and fair vote and even given their lives for it. Isn’t telling people to “Vote if you want, but for all the good it’ll do you might as well draw an X in the air with your finger” a little disrespectful?

As citizens of this country, voting remains a valuable way for everyone to contribute to its future.

To make your voice heard in the forthcoming city council, town, parish and Parliamentary elections on Thursday, May 7, you must be on the Electoral Register by Monday April 20. If you have moved house then you must re-register.

You can check if you’re registered by phoning our elections helpline on 01524 582905 or by visiting Lancaster Town Hall during normal office hours.

You can register online or download a registration form at

Mark Cullinan

Electoral registration 
and returning officer

Lancaster City Council