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Mick Dennison.
Mick Dennison.
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I was interested to read A Voice of Morecambe – Mick Dennison, in the April 22 edition of the Visitor.

Mr Dennison reminds a discontented electorate that things are not as they used to be for publicans, but there are many other people and businesses who are likewise depressed about changes in their personal circumstances and not for the better and over a period of years.

My personal concern is the West End of Morecambe and recent fly tipping problems and drains that are rarely cleaned. The standards of old have all but gone now in Morecambe and we find ourselves far from the thriving seaside resort of boat trips from the jetty once enjoyed and the many reputable guest houses and hotels, many of which have now sadly closed. There were once shopping areas second to none and a thriving Winter Gardens and Floral Hall and a general feeling of real prosperity for traders and businesses in those days.

I do see some improvement in the West End, and hope that conditions have improved for people who live there, but there is still a lot to do, not least the need to ensure continued management of rubbish deposited by some irresponsible people, which is depressing for some to witness, in order to restore belief in the area sufficiently to attract investment and good businesses.

The Election of Members of the European Parliament for the North West Region will take place on Thursday, May 22, and I hope the depressed of Morecambe and outlining areas will use the opportunity not to stay at home, but to vote to establish candidates who will work hard to restore Morecambe’s past glory.

It was a Labour Government that introduced long hours for publicans as I recall, and that didn’t help people like Mr Dennison, but instead it encouraged drinking on the streets of Britain and public disorder. Its Bill was promoted by Labour Party politicians in order that Britain’s opening hours would be similar to establishments in Europe. These same politicians who let us down by leaving empty coffers and the beginning of a recession in our country.

People are weary of conforming to Europe with its constant changes in matters like our metric and weights system and silly laws that prevent us being able to buy over-the-counter medicines that were once available from local chemists. Well known family remedies used for decades and from our local chemist are disappearing fast off the shelves thanks to directives from the European Union.

We are told as a country that we must accept these directives, so we stick rigidly to them while some countries just ignore European Union laws and directives. British people have little or no say in new laws issued by the European Union something that should give us all as a people something to be depressed about.

I hope that not only will the electorate in this area turn out on May 22 in great numbers, but that it will remember, before handing over power to members designated on the ballot papers, past disasters of the former Labour Government, while remembering too similar disasters created by a Coalition Government – the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, who have also introduced new laws without consulting the British people, laws that were upheld in Britain over many centuries.

Are we, like Mr Dennison, to remain depressed about our lot here in Morecambe or do we care enough to rise to the challenge and use our vote to bring change and a new focus for the town of Morecambe and district in the forthcoming European Elections?

Sylvia Denton

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