Looking good in spring sun

Eric Morecambe statue
Eric Morecambe statue
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Weather certainly makes a great difference to the town. On fine days the car parks soon fill up everywhere. On sunny days we get even more visitors. The gardens on the promenade are always a delight.

The arena near the Eric Morecambe statue especially colourful, with scarlet geraniums in the summertime and pansies in the wintertime. Whenever I wait at the bus stop opposite I see so many people of all ages taking photographs. The new buses are a great pleasure to ride in, all orange and bright blue, with bells galore and rails to hang on to.

They cover all obscure corners of both Morecambe and also Lancaster. Babies in pushchairs and the disabled in wheelchairs are most thoughtfully accommodated, no one refused except where very full.

Even on hot, crowded buses young and old seem to remain very cheerful, you experience fewer bad tempers. We must all be grateful for such an efficient bus service, which must be the envy of other places.

Mrs Morley

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