Local talent overlooked

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Why on earth has Morecambe and Lunesdale got a Prospective Parliamentary Labour Candidate from Manchester when there were two perfectly good candidates to choose from on our own doorstep?

Manchester City

Councillor Amina Lone has been planted on us with the influence of the Unite union, who are sponsoring her.

I admit that when she was selected the decision was taken in a democratic manner – one Labour Party member, one vote.

However, before the 1997 General Election, the party selected two members of Lancaster City Council,

Geraldine Smith for Morecambe and Lunesdale and Hilton Dawson for Lancaster, who became excellent MPs.

Two present city councillors were in the same position this time, Karen Leytham and Margaret Pattison, who have lived here all their lives. Either of them would have made a good candidate and, after the 2015 election, an equally good MP.

Non-political residents will want to know why a local candidate, who they could call one of their own, was not chosen instead of an outsider.

Still, that’s democracy.

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