Link road may cost jobs

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THERE has been a recent announcement from Philip Hammond, the Secretary of State for Transport, that he has, following the amended costing proposals submitted by Lancashire County Council, agreed to funding for the proposed Heysham-M6 Link Road.

Apparently the original cost figure of £139million has been reduced to £123million of which the government will contribute around £111million leaving us as local tax payers to find the remaining £12million.

However, what we must bear in mind is that over and above that £111million, Whitehall will have nothing to do with any additional costs, inflationary adjustments of ‘hidden’ extras. Any and all price over runs will become the responsibility of Lancashire County Council who will inevitably have to come to us, as local tax payers, for the money.

At a time when payment cuts are being made to all of our services including schools and hospitals, should any of us be expected to pay for something that will be of negligible benefit and which has no finite cost figure?

Apparently, the proposed changes may well need additional planning permission and there are still compulsory purchase order issues to be addressed but whilst all is not yet lost – it is getting closer and it is still imperative that those of us who do oppose the scheme continue to make our opinions felt because LCC are gambling with our money.

John Gow

Russell Drive