Letters: 31/12/13

West End Lantern Festival.
West End Lantern Festival.
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This week’s letters in The Visitor.

Magical night for West End

On behalf of More Music I would like to thank the hundreds of people who supported the West End Lantern Festival.

It was a wonderful evening, bringing together people from across the neighbourhood to celebrate the festive season with a beautiful lantern procession, music, magic and community spirit.

Thank you to all the people who made this lovely event possible; the children from West End Primary School and Morecambe Community Choir for their wonderful singing; Morecambe Band, Red Rose Silver Band, Baybeat for their marvellous music, Astral Circus, Flying Colours and Pete Moser for their entertaining antics; to West End, Sandylands and Mossgate Primary Schools, West End Impact and St Barnabas Church, and everyone else who made lanterns and paraded; to Anna Read, Shane Johnstone and Sam Middleton King for their artistic contribution, to our wonderful volunteers, to Lauren Zawadzki, Teresa Hall, to the PCSOs and all those who came out to see the procession as it wound its way through the residential and shopping areas of the West End.

Thanks to Thurlwells, the Co-op, Morrisons, the Coffee Pot and Pearsons of Kendal for their generous donations, and to the Co-op Community Fund, Morecambe Town Council and The Lions for their financial support.

Special thanks to the West End Traders for the beautiful festive lights that illuminate and brighten the West End throughout Christmas time.

Season’s greetings

Kathryn MacDonald

More Music

Make a film of your tale

I write to request the support of your readers with an ambitious project to make three documentary films to mark the 75th anniversary of national charity The British Polio Fellowship in 2014. We want to hear urgently from anyone with life histories of dealing with Polio and or Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) plus films, photographs and other mementos. It may be your material refers to a loved one and that is fine too.

Don’t worry about the quality or format of the material, the important thing is that we gather as much information as possible.

You do not need to be a member of The British Polio Fellowship – any and all information will be warmly received.

As a film-maker approaching this subject with no set agenda, I have been shocked a condition like PPS can still exist in Britain when polio is on the brink of global eradication. So few people are aware of polio or PPS that these films have moved from being commemorative to vital in my eyes – it is imperative we reach out and tell this story and you can help us do it.

If you have a tale to be told we would love to hear you recount it to us and our cameras.

We are ready to give you that platform and together we can help others whilst explaining that polio and PPS are still very much with us and why they will be for decades to come.

We very much look forward to hearing from you. Contact The British Polio Fellowship on 0800 018 0586 for further information.

Tony Klinger

Film-maker and Ambassador for The British Polio 

Were you in the RAF?

I am researching the former RAF West Beckham in Norfolk and would like to talk to any former personnel who served there or family members.

Mike Digby

01263 824069


Thanks you for the fight

Something that has been apparent to me throughout TSLM’s fight against the Heysham M6 Link Road, is how professional they have been.

They have been polite with their arguments, even when they don’t agree with other people’s opinions. They have never stooped to personal or offensive insults, unlike many of the pro-road people who write to the press, and the many people who leave offensive comments on the press website without their true names.

Lancashire County Council has, on many occasions, admitted that this road will not alleviate city congestion.

It will take some traffic off the bridges, but traffic will also increase on many other roads. If the road is completed, all Morecambe bound traffic will end up on Morecambe Road, whether it be travelling on the Link Road, or Morecambe Road.

We need sustainable solutions to traffic problems, and another bridge over the River Lune in Lancaster, not Halton.

This road will do nothing for the traffic through Lancaster going to Luneside Industrial Site on the Quay, or for Galgate or the University.

Where will all the traffic go when the development on the Quay is finished? On to the Marsh?

LCC will have wasted taxpayers’ money on the HGV route to Heysham, and I imagine it will be some time before money is spent on this area again, or anywhere else in Lancashire for that matter.

Thank you to all concerned at TSLM for putting up such a good fight for the majority of people in the area, and for the environment.

Thank you also to the thousands of people, and the businesses, who have supported TSLM both financially, and in writing letters of objection over the years. Maybe if we’d still had Geraldine Smith as our MP, we wouldn’t be in this sad state now.

Many people are in for a big shock if this out-dated road actually happens.

Name and address supplied

Resort has to do better

My wife and I recently paid a visit to Lancaster to visit friends and decided to take a look at the West End of Morecambe, having heard and read on The Visitor web site that it was in need of some attention.

What we saw was, quite frankly, beyond belief.

Your paper used to run regular advertising features entitled West End – the Best End I seem to remember.

It’s time to run another entitled Way out West – Among the Tumbleweed. The whole place is, unfortunately, fast becoming a ghost town, an absolute disgrace.

I was born in, and spent my working life in Morecambe and my wife’s parents ran a hotel on Regent Road for a number of years. We have no axe to grind by writing this letter.

The council has a lot to answer for in this matter. High business rates for one thing and grandiose schemes to regenerate the area that, as usual, came to nothing. No real parking and what parking there is charged extortionately.

As far as business rates go, surely it would be better to cut them substantially or take them off altogether for a couple of years for new businesses, just to get them into town?

Not the way for Lancaster City Council to work is it?

How long is it going to be before the town centre goes the same way?

As for parking charges, here in Cleveland parking is free on Saturday and Sunday next to the council offices. Disc parking on the main streets of Guisborough and Stokesley, for instance, is free for two hours.

Very few empty shops to be seen.

Middlesbrough has free parking available, all week, on council car parks for the first two hours and people certainly use them.

By the way, the pieces of ironwork stuck out above The Visitor shop doesn’t look too good either. I realise that it used to be a ‘for sale’ sign and that the place has been sold but come on now.

Gordon Mabson

Blackmore Close