Letters: 21/01/14

A Generic photo of a woman with road rage.
A Generic photo of a woman with road rage.
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This week’s letters.

Please, a little road courtesy

In this season of New Year resolutions may I suggest a most urgent resolution for motorists to take up.

Please motorists, kindly rediscover a once very common courtesy – 
namely to always signal 
your intentions a few seconds before the manoeuvre takes place 
when approaching a roundabout, turning a corner and entering or leaving a kerbside parking space.

The almost universal disregard of these conventions is something that should be confined to the past.

Let us all strive to make 2014 the year that motorists rediscover the Highway Code.

Coun Ron Sands

Heysham North Ward

Lancaster City 

Thank you for support

Please allow us to use your letters page to thank everyone who has taken part in the consultation on our plans to regenerate the former Frontierland site.

More than 1,500 responses have been made to the consultation, reflecting huge community interest in the proposals.

Of these responses, 88 per cent state support for the proposals and a further 10 per cent state support for the proposals “in part”. Opus North, in partnership with Morrisons, recognise the public enthusiasm for the plans and are moving towards submitting a planning application to Lancaster City Council at the earliest opportunity.

There was significant enthusiasm for bringing big name brands to Morecambe and creating around 500 new local jobs. Our project team is carefully going through all of this feedback andis using it to shape the final plans.

Our engagement with local residents and community groups is continuing.

If you have any further comments on the proposals, please contact us using the dedicated community information line on 0161 711 0293 or by visiting our website at www.futurefrontierland.co.uk.

Opus North and Morrisons

Add some small shops

What is needed in the new complex is not just large stores. It needs some small units which average people can afford to rent and give some of the old-fashioned type service in modern surroundings.

There also needs to be somewhere for parents and children to be together during later hours. Even a type of circus without involving animals, for example jugglers, clowns and acrobats. Simple entertainment that could make money easily.

J Moorhouse

Cross Street


Companies failing us

The failure on the part of the Government to address the energy companies’ contempt for their consumers will put more people at risk of debt and also health problems.

Companies like Eon which is conning customers into signing up for power deals more expensive than their current contracts are a clear sign that we have an energy market that is out of control and led by greedy directors who are unregulated and irresponsible.

Sadly as the season of goodwill begins to be a distant memory and the bills hit the doormat Eon has increased its prices by an average 3.7 per cent this month and other energy companies are also increasing their prices at an extortionate rates.

The greedy energy directors are feeding their luxury lifestyles and standard of living by hiking up bills but sadly the vulnerable consumers do not have the means or facilities to be able to question these high bills because the energy directors have the power to control their prices.

These prices have increased regardless of the consumer’s income, financial situation and also best interest.

It is no surprise that the Government has already put in place a plan of action to manipulate official figures in order to give the impression that fuel poverty is down.

A crafty clause in the disastrous Energy Bill changed the definition of the fuel poverty indicator, reducing the number of households counted as “fuel poor” from 3.2 million to 2.4 million.

This new definition reduces the percentage of fuel–poor households in England by nearly a third, from 15 per cent to 11 per cent.

It is clear that the Government is shifting the goalposts on fuel poverty in order for their official statistics to play down the crisis that more households will face these coming months.

The amount of households that need to spend more than 10 percent of their income on fuel is increasing and with the reduction in take home pay, wage freezes and the rise in the cost of living that percentage will increase.

It is families on low incomes who will be placed most at risk and people with long term health conditions.

The Government has failed to make a public commitment to end fuel poverty despite an opportunity in November when Ed Milliband put forward a motion to freeze energy prices until 2017 
but that motion was defeated.

At the end of the day whatever party is in charge we need to see a radical policy developed in order to address the energy markets and in doing so we need to see energy companies controlled by the consumers where the directors are accountable.

Coun David Whitaker


Morecambe Branch 
Labour Party

A right to protest

To the people who think that TSLM has wasted public money by challenging Lancashire County Council and delaying the Heysham M6 link road, here are some facts.

Our legal system is far from perfect, but ordinary people cannot simply request public inquiries, legal challenges and court hearings, if there are no grounds for them, or nothing to be challenged. The public inquiries in 2007 and 2012 were brought about by many hundreds of people challenging the council’s defective plans, and organising evidence from national experts to present their case.

Legal challenges were made because legal advice was that the council was wrong.

LCC, hell bent on building a road, any road, made many blunders, didn’t consult local people properly, or take their wishes into consideration, or even follow compulsory advice on transport from the Government.

LCC were arrogant and incompetent in dealing with the Government, and in fulfilling their legal obligations, hence the many delays.

Small wonder that LCC aroused anger and resistance from people who care about the community and the environment.

Since TSLM began in 2005, Lancaster City Council, Morecambe Town Council, and in 2007, over 90 per cent of Geraldine Smith’s constituents voted against the road.

Well over 2,000 people wrote letters of objection in 2007.

The benefits from the controversial link road remain to be seen, but 
what is blatantly obvious 
is that it will unquestion-ably blight the lives of thousands of people, destroy wildlife and greenbelt, and create pollution of every kind.

Thank you to everyone who has worked hard and supported TSLM over the last nine years, to stop this road that’s past its sell-by-date, and thank you also for the hundreds of kind and supportive messages from people locally and 

I Gate


Full address supplied