Letters: 18/03/14

Royal Lancaster Infirmary.
Royal Lancaster Infirmary.
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Letters from this week’s Visitor.

I was waiting in late November last year for a knee operation and my pre-assessment showed that my blood count was very low and I was anaemic.

My GP, Dr Braddock, picked this up immediately and I was sent to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary for tests. Their kindness and interest since then has been second to none.

Mr Crichton, a consultant at the RLI, after a quick diagnosis of the tests passed over the results to Mr Raymond, another specialist, where he found, during his assessment of my results, that I needed major surgery to remove this problem.

Two weeks later I underwent the operation which I am pleased to say has now resolved the problem so I am now well on my way, hopefully, to recovery.

I wish to send my grateful thanks to both Mr Crichton, Mr Raymond, Moira and his team for restoring me back to health.

The standard of care on Ward 34 of both day and night staff was exemplary. Kindness, care and dignity are shown by all at all times.

I also want to thank my husband, Maurice and Tina, my daughter, and family for all their support given during this time and also to my dear friend, Anne, and neighbour for her kindness.

I want to thank Colin Hartley and Josh Bancroft for 
taking on my ward queries since my illness and also the many friends and colleagues who have sent me flowers and cards.

In due course I intend to return to my duties as ward councillor in Scotforth West (first elected in 1995) and, of course, continue to assure every one of my best intentions at all times.

Thank goodness for the 
National Health Service.

Coun Sheila Denwood

Scotforth West Ward Councillor

Ex-Mayor of the City of 
Lancaster (2012/13).

Time to bring back the park

I quite sympathise with Coun Dent’s frustration over Carnforth business people’s lack of interest with regard to local tourism.

Many years ago when I lived in Carnforth I was horrified to discover, just in the nick of time by searching planning documentation at the town hall, that the lovely little park that surrounded the War Memorial was earmarked for demolition (to be made into a car park).

By exposing this sneaky action (in this paper) of which not all councillors were aware, the car park did not happen; but nevertheless the bulldozers were sent in to annihilate this charming feature including mature cherry trees leaving a bleak, featureless hard standing that is with Carnforth today.

Guess who was keen for a car park, the very business people mentioned in Coun Dent’s letter, even wanting the War Memorial to be moved to the cemetery (a bit more space for a couple of cars no doubt). The best thing to repair this civic vandalism would be for Coun Dent to have the park reinstated complete with flower beds, mini walls and small lawns where infants could gambol in the sun, watched over by parents sitting on the benches (residents and tourists alike). It was a delightful sun trap and only a stone’s throw from the visitor attractions at Carnforth Station.

Irene Sutcliffe

Elms Road



M6 junction prize winner

During last year there was considerable council discussion concerning the way to commemorate the centenary of the outbreak of World War One this year.

I’m not sure what was decided, and at what expense, but apparently they could have left it in the capable hands of Mr Costain and his two mates.

These ‘t’ree fellas’ have done a spectacular job all over the area in constructing WW1 battlefield scenes in various locations.

I venture to suggest that the southbound entry to the M6 at junction 34 is the prizewinner; although residents of Halton may have other ideas.

And why should the south-bound entry to the M6 be affected, you may wonder, when it’s the northbound exit and entry that has 
always been a problem.

Gordon Arkwright

Thorpe Avenue


Corner shops could reign

Well, the Support Our Shops campaign must be working at long last. We have had a busier start to the year, whereas some of the larger superstores seem to be struggling, with millions of pounds being wiped off the share prices. Who knows, we might see supermarkets closing and the little corner shop reigning again.

Ray Edmondson

Yorkshire Street


We must not lose services

It has been reported that a large ‘super hospital’ is to be built to serve the whole of Morecambe Bay (Super hospital plan revealed). Sounds good doesn’t it?

But where would such a hospital be located? Well, Kendal is the mid-point (sort of) between Lancaster and Barrow so it could be argued that’s where it should go.

Perhaps that’s why Tim Farron, the Lib Dem MP for Kendal, is supportive of the idea.

I hope that our two Tory MPs, Eric Ollerenshaw and David Morris, are equally supportive of NHS services in Lancaster.

I believe we need good quality hospitals in Lancaster, Barrow and Kendal that are able to provide a comprehensive range of services. Yes, some specialisms can be better delivered when centralised, as Blackpool does for heart surgery.

But most people want to go to their local hospital for routine treatments/surgery. They don’t want to be bundled into an ambulance for a lengthy journey to a distant A&E if they have an accident.

Also, we need to ask that once patients are in this ‘super hospital’ will relations be easily able to make a long trek on a reducing public transport system to visit them? I don’t think the residents of Lancaster, Morecambe and district would want to lose the services currently provided by our RLI.

I wonder if this scheme will be used as an excuse to downgrade our hospital services, for our A&E to become a minor injuries clinic, to close our intensive care facility and to lose our maternity unit?

Last March I and others presented a petition containing nearly 6,000 signatures to the chair of the Morecambe Bay NHS Trust calling on our RLI services to be maintained.

The petition demonstrated the strength of feeling in the area. I hope that the Trust won’t ignore this when decisions are made.

If we end up losing our local services this ‘super hospital’ won’t sound so super to me.

Colin Hartley

Scotforth West