Letters: 04/02/14

The Promenade Concert Orchestra who are appearing at Morecambe Platform in January 2010
The Promenade Concert Orchestra who are appearing at Morecambe Platform in January 2010

Letters from this week’s Lancaster Guardian.

We can’t lose our last venue

The media has been widely publicising The Platform’s potential closure.

Now this misinformation may well play into its demise, with people discounting the venue if it is now not equally publicised as The Platform open for business.

We need this venue to remain. It is our last fully functioning venue. Whoopee, they have sent out a press release to say it is not closing, but has the damage already been done?

Is misinformation being used to damage The Platform, thereby increasing the justification of its closure further down the line?

Lancaster City Council has concentrated the cultural offering in Lancaster.

Morecambrians are propping up the Lancaster economy in many areas, shops restaurants, etc.

Also look at revenue generated through taxes and see proportionately how much comes back.

Does the city council work for the whole area it represents or merely draw down on the surrounding area to concentrate efforts on Lancaster?

I love Morecambe and I love Lancaster, I moved here 14 years ago with fresh eyes. I have lived in Lancaster and I have lived in Morecambe. It cannot be denied the city council does a great job for Lancaster, just from this side of the river it seems at the expense of the rest of the area.

Paula Ross-Clasper

Address supplied

Full marks for great day

Early in December my friend and I once again travelled with Howard Hooper Coaches for the day, stopping en route at Barton Grange then on to The Bourne Poacher, near Lytham, for a Christmas lunch.

We were welcomed on arrival by the entire staff and then were seated to enjoy a lovely four-course Christmas dinner. I might add with all the trimmings. Afterwards the staff entertained us with songs from the shows and dancing.

Before leaving we were served with coffee and hot mince pies. A really great afternoon, full marks to all the management and staff.

Hoping Howard has another booking for us this year.

Mrs A Sandbach


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Stagecoach should help

Can the bus companies help?

Lancashire County Council is proposing to reduce the subsidy they pay to private companies for buses. Instead they’ll focus on maintaining services during the daytime and ensure the county’s most vulnerable people can access public transport.

The council proposes to invest a further £500,000 in dial-a-ride services to ensure community transport providers have the capacity to cater for those most in need.

The plans will look to save £3.8m over two years which would see funding withdrawn for evening and Sunday services that currently receive council subsidies. The proposal would see subsidies withdrawn from 72 evening and Sunday services from May 2014.

The county council is facing an unprecedented financial challenge, needing to save £300m over the next four years due to funding cuts by the Tory-led Government.

These cuts won’t only affect bus services but will include massive reductions in county council staff and cuts to other services due to the Local Government Minister Eric Pickles’ attack on local democracy.

Eighty per cent of bus services in Lancashire are run by private companies on a commercial basis because they are profitable.

The remaining 20 per cent are currently 
subsidised by the county council.

Last year Stagecoach, the area’s major local bus operator, reported an increase in underlying profits to £218 million for the year to April, up from £202.5 million a year earlier.

The bus companies have done well out of our district. They must have or they wouldn’t still be here.

Now is the time for them to give something back. I call on Stagecoach and other bus companies to take a slightly smaller profit and maintain as many services as possible (all?) without a subsidy for the benefit of our community.

Were they to do so the bus companies would gain lots of friends in the Lancaster/Morecambe district.

Colin Hartley

Scotforth West


Dead end in Green St.

I’m doing my mother’s family tree and have come to a stop, before really getting started.

My mother was born in Morecambe at 34 Green Street, which is no longer there.

I am wanting to know all I can about the house, eg: who owned it, was it a guest house, who lived there back in the 20s, when was it was pulled down?

I am also looking for information on her parents Joseph Warhurst and Edith Anni Lait Thompson, maiden name Myers.

My mother Freda was born on January 22, 1920.

My mother was brought up in Bradford from being a baby but not by her mum or dad.

Information and photos of people or house would be gratefully received.

Susan Foster


Struggles for blind

Dear Mr David Morris, as one of your constituents, and a severely visually impaired person myself, I need your support.

Losing your sight has a devastating impact on a person’s life. Not only does it have a massive emotional impact, but it also means having to re-learn almost every aspect of your life.

I and the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) welcome the long overdue Care Bill which is currently being debated in Parliament.

I would like you, with your powers sitting on the Care Bill Committee, to act now and ensure the Bill properly recognises the struggles blind people face in their daily lives.

I am really glad that the RNIB are leading this campaign and I believe there are some significant areas which must be addressed in the Bill to ensure the essential needs of people with sight loss can be met both now and in the future.

I want to be reassured by you that all newly blind and partially sighted people are offered rehabilitation, for example to learn local routes using a cane, to help get back on their feet after first being diagnosed.

I would also like you, David Morris MP, to make assurances that the Bill will clearly state that rehabilitation isn’t limited to just six weeks as often blind people need longer to gain the new skills needed to remain independent.

Being left alone to cope with sight loss is wholly unacceptable. No matter how tight the budgets of Government are, this is essential support which must be provided.

Avril Moncaster

Orchard Avenue

Bolton Le Sands