Let’s not forget this outstanding world-class attraction

Heysham Head.
Heysham Head.
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Is there anyone who could help me in my search for information about a long gone attraction, Winged World Tropical Bird Aviary, which was sited at Heysham Head, Morecambe, between the periods 1966 to 1977? This attraction was opened in 1966 by the Borough of Morecambe and Heysham Corporation and was part of the new Heysham Head Entertainments Centre until its closure in 1977.

From my enquiries to date, what information remains about Winged World is extremely sparse and very fragmented. This is a great shame especially as it was described as a tropical bird aviary but in fact there was a wide range of bird species which would have been considered, even by today’s standards, rare (in captivity) and delicate to keep and maintain let alone breed under managed controls.

The exhibits were predominately displayed behind glass and even boasted a free flight area, each of the displays were landscaped and contained tropical plants from across the world.

In my opinion the attraction was world class, regularly demonstrating how species of exotic birds, many of which today are under threat and even possible extinction, should be managed under controlled conditions.

That is why it is very important Winged World should not be forgotten and every attempt made to record for posterity the important work done by those involved.

Any information about Winged World, such as whose original idea it was? What were the challenges in turning the idea into reality? How did Clive Roots (the initial curator) become involved? Who was responsible for the design of the unit Winged World occupied, and who designed the displays?

Where were the birds obtained from and over the period of the time they were open, how many birds were purchased? What were the annual stock procurement and maintenance budgets and costs? How many breedings were there in total and of these how many were first breedings in the UK? The list of questions goes on and on.

If any Visitor readers have any brochures, documents and particularly photos of the building, displays and exhibits they took during their visit which I may borrow, I guarantee safe return.

Similarly, are there any ex-employees or their relatives who may be able to provide information such as the head keeper Bill Ranson?

Finally, may I say that this project is borne out of admiration for the people, their foresight and expertise, who were involved in the creation and running of this establishment.

It is not my intention to generate income from this project but to ensure Winged World is not forgotten and its history and achievements are recorded for those that follow.

I can be contacted either by telephone 01939 234342 or email glynnwoollam158@btinternet.com.

Glynn M Woollam

Trentham Road