Let’s clear up this row

Royal Hotel, Heysham.
Royal Hotel, Heysham.
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As chairman of Heysham Neighbourhood Council, I feel I need to clarify some points about the variation to the

Royal Hotel’s licence application.

This application is NOT to allow the landlord to put on live music outside (or in for that matter) any time he wishes, until all hours of the night as seems to be the general misinterpretation of the notices that have been tied to lampposts around the village.

It is as the notice rightly says a variation to the existing licence, with conditions applied.

These conditions are:

That the landlord can, if a nice day is forecast, set up an outside bar with background music NOT live music which cannot be audible on the main street.

He can cater for outside functions at short notice without the lengthy time scale of applying for a

TENS (temporary events notice).

That the laws governing children within a public house are maintained outside as well as in, in so much as they vacate the premises by 9pm unless in the restaurant having a meal. That he monitors the sound level at frequent intervals and records the readings.

The landlord attended a public meeting on Tuesday, July 9, (the minutes of which can be viewed at www.

heyshamonline.co.uk) where he explained the variation and answered questions.

He assured the public that he would abide by the conditions, and any resident with concerns could approach him at any time. (Call me stupid if you wish, but I believe him.)

One resident even admitted to feeling a bit of a fraud by attending, after she had been told the application was to allow live music but realised from the explanation given this was not the case.

I am born and bred in Heysham village, and do as much as I can, as do many more people, to maintain its beauty, and I sympathise with the residents over the live band days, but these

have run for more than 10 years now and yes, it is loud, but no louder then when Heysham hosted the Karting World Cup weekend and had a leisure centre drawing hundreds of people weekly to our beautiful village.

Oh happy days.

But unfortunately we can’t turn back time and businesses need to attract people by other means to survive.

In the unlikely event in this economic climate that the Royal was to become a non-viable proposition for its owners then a boarded up public house would greet the visitors to this beautiful village.

Chairman of Heysham Neighbourhood Council.