Let’s be more mature

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IF WE are going to debate the effects of the Government cuts to Morecambe in this newspaper can we be a little more mature and please can we base our argument on facts and not on myth.

Readers may be interested to know that in 2007 The International Monetary Fund figures showed that UK debt as a proportion of GDP was less than Germany, France and The USA. What’s more public sector debt when Labour came to power in 1997 was 42% of GDP and just before the financial crisis it was 36% of GDP. The fact that the Labour Government reduced the nation’s debt by 6% in its first 9 years well still investing in health, education and public services may well be why the Conservatives in opposition up to 2008 undertook to abide by Labour Public Spending plans.

The financial crisis was a global occurrence which affected all nations; we cannot blame one government or indeed one political party. It was reckless bankers unaccountable; profit driven economic model which brought the world to brink of bankruptcy. It is their greed and arrogance that they can do no wrong which ultimately left the UK with the huge debt it is now faced with.

This Government has chosen to drive through savage cuts which will do great harm to Morecambe. It is my belief that the cuts will affect the poorest and most vulnerable in our society, those who benefited the least from financial speculation of an unelected elite. Recent articles in this very paper highlighting cuts to disabled services and our local hospice show beyond doubt that real people are and will suffer. I’m not alone in my beliefs the national leaders of our churches and charities have gone to great pains to point out the devastation the cuts will cause.

Simon Rudd