Kite festival is caught short

The toilets on Marine Road opposite Regent Road.
The toilets on Marine Road opposite Regent Road.
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Morecambe is supposed to be ‘on the up’, or ‘on the map again’, depending on which gung ho wishful thinking you go for.

Surely not experiences we would want our visitors to endure in our seaside resort.

To add insult to injury, in their midst stood the toilet block at the foot of Regent Road, decommissioned for years now.

Would it not be possible for the many people employed in the tourist, regeneration, health and safety sections to arrange for the private company which runs the coin operated facilities at the market, to do the same at Regent Road?

After all, man stood on the face of the moon 45-years ago, served by the specifically designed arrangements to cater for his bodily functions. Perhaps NASA could advise.

Irene Sutcliffe

Elms Road