Keep up good UFO work

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IT IS great to see the UFO debate in the local Visitor.

I spent many years back in the early 90s and onwards with many others who formed a network of UFO groups. The main aim was to create an organisation of people to record sightings from the public and carry out investigation. Back then it was very thorough, with interviews and all investigations sent to Manchester University for storage.

In recent months a lot of that work has appeared on the television and in newspapers.

It is always interesting to see how reports from Morecambe end up on Chinese TV, which can be viewed on YouTube. These latest sightings are very similar to the typical orange balls of light we filed so many reports on in the 90s. Conclusions ranged from afterburners on jets to unusual weather conditions, very much connecting with Nigel Wright’s information. Other sightings ranged from military test planes to the typical unknowns. All I can say is keep those sightings coming in and published.

My main work now involves my writing on similar subjects with books – The Two Faced Moon, The Two faced Moon 2 and Two Faced Moon [DVD] Edge Media TV.

Keep up the great work of reporting sightings.

Simon Lewis

Full address supplied.