Keep Polo Tower as landmark

Polo Tower and Frontierland.
Polo Tower and Frontierland.
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As a resident of Morecambe I am always interested in any development that will be an improvement to the town.

It was good news at the council meeting where they voted for the development of the old Frontierland site.

I believe that Morrisons has applied for permission to take down the Polo Tower.

I feel that over the years this has become a landmark, although it is rusty and neglected.

As this tower already exists I feel it could be developed into a very attractive landmark that people would recognise for miles around to guide them to the new shops, etc.

I feel the public could take part, through The Visitor, in coming up with ideas and suggestions for how it could be developed.

I myself would like to see it made into a mock lighthouse, with a light at the top and portholes cut in the sides. This would be very much in keeping with our seaside town.

Ken Freeman

Albert Road