Just the buzz resort needs

Vintage by the Sea Festival at The Midland Hotel, Morecambe. Organisers Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingway.
Vintage by the Sea Festival at The Midland Hotel, Morecambe. Organisers Wayne and Gerardine Hemmingway.

In the 23 years I‘ve lived in Morecambe there have only been two occasions when I experienced a real deep down buzz about our resort.

One was when the Queen unveiled the Eric Statue. The other was when Urban Splash re-opened the once shabbily derelict Midland Hotel.

But now there is a third buzz to add to those two great events. I refer to the Wayne Hemingway/Midland Hotel partnership that brought us a real day to remember and one which is already fundamentally changing for the better how the public perceive Morecambe.

The hotels were crammed full. Visitors came from far and near. And the Midland Hotel gave over the whole building and even every inch of their precious car park to the event.

Most impressively, one of Morecambe’s own sons, Wayne Hemingway, brought his trademark creativity to the town of his birth.

And the icing on the cake was the news that the Wayne/Midland partner-ship will return next year with added gusto for a full weekend of activity, supported by Morecambe Town Council and Lancaster City Council.

Such combinations have the potential to take Morecambe back into the premier league.

Coun Ron Sands

Cabinet Member for Culture

Lancaster City Council

Experience paramount

As I was reading the letter in The Visitor regarding selection of candidate for MP, the debate on Syria in the House of Commons came on my TV.

This made me realise how important it is to select the best person to stand in the next General Election.

We have some excellent city and county councillors most of whom are very happy to help constituents with local problems but the country needs MPs who have a knowledge of the world outside Morecambe and are able to discuss issues as important as going to war, the NHS, climate change, etc.

Amina Lone, chosen by members of the Labour party, has experience and is well read as well as very fond of Morecambe, having spent many weeks here meeting constituents while helping local people to win the county elections.

I am sure in the next two years, before the General Election, she will be very happy to meet Morecambe people to hear their views and answer questions either as individuals or groups.

D Greenhalgh

Address supplied

Small stats comfort

David Morris, through his column, was pleased to give his readers some good news recently. Mainly that there was a small decline in unemployment in the Morecambe and Lunesdale constituency.

I too am pleased. However, it is a fact that unemployment in the North West stands at 20 per cent above the UK average, the third worst in the country.

Stephen Timms, Labour’s Shadow Employment Minister, states that “underemployment is at record high, long-term unemployment is at its highest for 17 years and the number of young people out of work is edging back to a million”.

Also many charities have said that this tiny shift from welfare to low paid work had done little to tackle poverty.

I hope Mr Morris remains pleased. I’m not.

Chris Cheetham

Park Crescent, Bare


Full house applause

Grease is the Word – it certainly was, this production given by LADOS at the Grand Theatre.

I went with my family on the Friday evening and once again it was a full house.

The show was well presented, music and chorus great and lovely costumes. Throughout the show the audience applause and participation proved thus, and now looking forward to next production.

Well done Sandy and Danny.

Mrs A Sandbach

Address supplied

Good idea at Bournemouth

My brother Barry Smith of Heysham brought this picture back from Bournemouth of signs on their prom for cyclist.

He thought the people who use Morecambe prom would agree this would make sense to have them in place here too. Many a time I myself have been surprised by cyclist coming up behind with no bell or warning device, and skimming past you.

I have no qualms of them on the prom. But they should take more care when cycling amongst people.

K C Smith

Address supplied

League table tells us little

Well, the West End has gained top spot in the league table for having the most empty shops in the UK.

If only the planners had taken notice of us all those years ago, I am sure the area would still be booming.

But this problem exists all over the country and shows how seriously sad it is when data companies are producing league tables on empty shops.

If only they would produce a table on flourishing town centres throughout the country their statistics would show towns with no infestations of superstores; and, you can have as many surveys and league tables as you like but it all boils down to Joe Public and if they ain’t coming through the door a ‘ghost town’ is what you get.

Ray Edmondson

Yorkshire Street


Children are locked out

I have been trying to find out who is responsible for the playing field which sits between Acre Moss Lane and Woodhill Lane, Morecambe. This field is used by local children for football, etc, but for the last six weeks the gate has been locked with a chain and padlock.

I have lived in the area for over 25 years and have never known this field to be locked.

My son and his friends use this field and my five-year-old grandson loves to go to the field and play football but because the gate has been locked, and I’m afraid I can’t climb over a fence, he is a very disgruntled boy. All these weeks when we’ve had relatively good weather and the light nights during the school holidays and we haven’t been able to go and play on the field.

I have contacted Lancaster City Council which says it has no responsibility and Lancashire County Council has not replied.

The grass was cut about two weeks ago so someone has a key for the padlock? But the question is who? And why has it been locked?

Does anyone know?

Name and address supplied

We’re being overlooked

Regarding the article in The Visitor of September 17, regarding a new 41A bus service to Lancaster, when there is the same return journey with 6A bus available hourly. The number 12 bus also runs every half hour along Morecambe Road to Lancaster. We have no bus at all from Scale Farm Road along the A683 to Morecambe except Sundays and bank holidays.

Please Stagecoach, help us to reach places en route too, and to Morecambe.

Living in hope.


Ovangle roundabout

Name and address supplied

Tracing long lost father

I have been asked by a relative in New Zealand for help in trying to trace her father.

His name is Peter Bradley and his birth was registered in the Garstang District in 1939 and I believe he had a younger brother. He married Pamela Roberta Brown in Morecambe in 1962 and was working in Heysham.

If you have any information re his whereabouts and can confirm certain information please contact me.

Margaret Holmes