It’s time to market this great indoor facility

Morecambe Festival Market
Morecambe Festival Market
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Visiting Lancaster and Morecambe for a few days recently, I of course picked up copies of the local papers. In The Visitor (October 1) I noticed the Town Crier column hoping that the seasonal ice-rink in Morecambe would provide trade for local businesses, whilst a letter from Coun Ron Sands promoted other annual events as a way of improving the town’s fortunes.

I have no reason to disagree with either of those things, but Morecambe also has one excellent facility which is there all the year round, but which seems to be badly in want of promotion to attract more people to the town to discover its delights. I refer to the indoor market.

A friend’s needs of a replacement phone charger and a genuine string-handled Lancashire potato-peeler were soon met, prompting me to seek out jubilee clips to repair limp handles on a lawn-mower; having been similarly satisfied, I decided to celebrate by buying a new pair of steel toe-capped leather boots.

The shopping is now safely back home in London.

Here I would be very pleased if I had access to a market as good as the one in Morecambe.

I was struck by it being clean and well-stocked, with a wide range of goods at very fair prices, all being sold by friendly and courteous stallholders, but crying out for the lively bustle more customers would bring.

What can Lancaster City 
Council and The Visitor now 
do to market Morecambe market?

Tim Barnsley