Humbled by the sacrifice

A former serviceman at the Morecambe Remembrance Ceremony.
A former serviceman at the Morecambe Remembrance Ceremony.
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I was humbled and honoured to lay the wreath for the Morecambe and Lunesdale Labour Party for the centenary Remembrance Day Service in Morecambe.

This time of year always makes me very emotional even if I know I have no right to feel that way considering I have not served on the front line personally.

However many of my elder male relatives served in the Merchant Navy including my grandfather, though some of the details are sketchy as nobody talked about those experiences.

Like many other testimonies I have heard, some experiences were just too traumatic to be relived and people chose to leave the memories in the past in order to forget. Like millions of others, I believe we cannot forget the sacrifices that were made to secure peace 100 years ago and are still being made today.

Watching the soldier on Sunday determinedly walking on his prosthetic limbs to lay his wreath brought tears to my eyes. I was told afterwards a land-mine had exploded under his vehicle and he had lost half of his legs. This stranger, who I do not know, deeply touched my heart and all I could say in return to his commanding officer whom I was speaking to: “Please let him know I am proud of him”.

Listening to the Reveille sound solemnly brought tears to my eyes. It always does.

The thread that connects us all in remembrance of those that have sacrificed for us to live in a secure and peaceful Europe is unbreakable and will continue throughout time.

Listening to the young cadet stood nervously beside me being reassured by his Sergeant on how to lay the wreath brought home that the thread runs deep.

Whatever our views of war, the justifications or the consequences of it, I am humbled by the millions of lives lost and those whose realities changed forever even if they survived. I salute all the people here and afar fighting for peace. Let us never forget.

Amina Lone

Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Morecambe and Lunesdale.