Horrors for profit

Animal testing.
Animal testing.

I was pleased to read Michelle Thew’s letter from BUAV (July 22) regarding the daily torture and abuse of animals in (largely secret) laboratories all over Britain.

Until we treat our fellow animals with compassion and respect we will never be a civilised society. No “benefit” is worth having that is obtained by the torture of another species. These horrors have been going on for centuries and many famous people have vehemently opposed them – John Ruskin made a stand by resigning as Fine Arts Professor from Oxford University in 1885 in protest at the vivisection being undertaken there.

Vivisection continues because ordinary people are hoodwinked into believing that it is desirable or necessary. In reality, the only beneficiaries are the pharmaceutical and chemical industries who profit from the suffering of the animals involved. We all need to stand up for what we believe in and not just swallow the propaganda peddled by vested interests.

A Bagnall

Fairfield Road