Hometown bitterness

THE sculpture is obviously not to A Baines’s taste (ViewPoint, January 26). That’s fine but perhaps they should heed the advice that my mum, a Morecambe landlady, always used to say to my brothers and me: “If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all”.

My art has travelled the world from Japan to Canada and from New Zealand to Europe but it is only in my hometown that I witness such bitterness and disapproval.

The sculpture is of Venus with her son Cupid. Why Venus, because she was born in the sea and is the mythical protector of all who work on or by the sea, Hmm! That makes sense for a sea seaside town with treacherous sands and tragedies still raw in recent memory. It was inspired by a group of mums from Ryelands, which for those whom insist on agitating city-resort rivalry, is at least on the right side of the river.

To say that an artist can’t make a sculpture dedicated to maternal love and site it in his mother’s own hometown is ridiculous. However it was designed and sculpted at LA1 2NB in the constituency of Morecambe and Lonsdale, barely two miles from its current location. So that’s official then, it was Made in Morecambe.

Should anyone ever wish to know more about the sculpture and the stories wrapped around it I would be happy to meet them any time at Scalestones Point. Well, it is only a two minute walk from my home in Bare.

Shane Johnstone


Full address supplied.