Heysham is worried

Wind Turbine.
Wind Turbine.
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With regard to the letter in The Visitor (July 22, What about nuclear?) from Chris Cheetham, I should like to point out that it is quite possible to be concerned about the health problems of the proposed wind turbine and the power station.

They are not mutually exclusive but the turbine health problems will become effective immediately if and when it is built.

Anyone who has any doubt about the fact that living in close proximity to a turbine has serious health implications should look at the research done by NASA who confirm that symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, sickness, insomnia, etc, are as a direct result of low frequency noise and infra sound (which is inaudible intermittent noise).

In addition there is the impact of flicker on migraine sufferers and people with epilepsy.

The very fact that there exists 600 victim support groups in 27 countries whose members’ health has been affected by wind turbines should make it obvious what a serious problem it is for the people of Heysham.

A recent meeting of residents filled the village hall and their worries also included the spoiling of the landscape, fears for wildlife, plummeting property prices and even the loss of TV signals in the area.

The representative from Peel was honest enough to state that there would be no benefit to the residents of Heysham and also very little electricity produced, however they still intend to submit a planning application and it will be up to the residents to object individually to the council when the time comes.

David Morris should be applauded for making a stand against these monstrous structures unlike so many MPs who are wishy-washy in their opinions.

Perhaps the previous correspondent should consider how he would feel if it were to be built in say Happy Mount Park.

Mrs Jones


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