Helping our NHS

The Centenary Building at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.
The Centenary Building at Lancaster Royal Infirmary.
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I have recently returned home after a short stay in our local hospital – the RLI. I don’t have the eloquence to adequately describe the professionalism of all the staff, suffice to say they are brilliant. Their skills, their care for patients and their dedication to the job are outstanding.

I would advise all supporters of UKIP to visit a local hospital to see just how much of the skills required are provided by immigrants. Most of those immigrants are actively recruited overseas for their skills.

These dedicated people provide a very significant proportion of the total staff in the RLI and in every other hospital throughout the NHS. In fact our NHS and ancillary medical services would very likely collapse without them.

We, and I mean the public and all political parties, should loudly acclaim and appreciate the essential contributions that they make. They are an essential element of our modern society.

Bill Johnson

Glen View Crescent