Happy birds are left to roost

A pied wagtail.
A pied wagtail.
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For the last few winters I have observed between 150 to 250 Pied Wagtails roosting in the two lime trees on Horse Shoe Corner in Lancaster’s Penny Street.

It’s a great spectacle watching and listening to them gather in their communal urban roost every evening just before dusk. They do this from late summer, through winter, to early spring and often go unnoticed by people as they go about their business in the hustle and bustle of town life.

The reason the Pied Wagtails roost there is because the trees and buildings offer warmth and protection against the elements during the winter months.

I was concerned that the council would disturb the roost due to the bird droppings in the immediate area below as a result of possible complaints from the public.

Thanks to Lancaster City Council’s Paul Cocker, an amateur bird watcher himself, who expressed a desire not to disturb the roost but rather ensure the mess is pressure washed away early each morning when the street cleaning teams are at work.

It’s encouraging that the council recognises the value of urban wildlife and its coexist among shoppers and businesses but more importantly, working to protect it.

Andy Killiner

Ullswater Road