Get us out of doldrums

Lancaster Railway Station.
Lancaster Railway Station.
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Congratulations to the developers of the Frontierland on their successful application, hopefully we can look forward to a better shopping experience in Morecambe as a result.

Here’s something for any prospective Parliamentary candidates for Lancaster and Morecambe to think about before the upcoming election – the abysmal access to Lancaster train station.

Unless you live close by either of Morecambe’s stations, access to Lancaster station is appalling. What should be the jewel in our crown is tucked away behind the castle and a pain to access.

Considering it’s so well connected to the UK’s so called electric spine (the West Coast Main Line), you’d think we were trying to keep it a secret. No vibrant bus and tram interchange for us, just a belated fast link to the M6 car park which is little comfort to long distance commuters.

Inhabitants of both towns are effectively discriminated against by poor access to outside job opportunities, what is there for our youngsters here when they leave school? Where’s the incentive for people to come to the area and settle? Are we to remain doomed as a pensioners’ ghetto forever? (Apart from day trippers, they are the only people who want to come and live here apparently.)

For too long our towns have been denied proper access to the outside world. I’d like to see Nick Clegg et al here in Morecambe banging the drum for us to be connected to the much vaunted Northern Hub to give our youngsters a stake in their futures, at the very least a proper bus/train interchange.

We need that additional south west link across the river, we need improved access to the outside world. We might even benefit from a tram network in both towns to get some of the traffic off the roads, the Victorian rail infrastructure is still largely intact and could be reused.

Think trams are a fanciful idea? Take a trip to Manchester, Nottingham or Sheffield to name just a few to see what a difference they’ve made in untangling the gridlock and getting the place moving.

There are great growth opportunities here but we need visionary leadership from our local politicians to get us out of the doldrums. It’s no good moaning about the terrible shops, expensive parking, etc, they’re are all symptoms of the disease that grips the town, what we need is a cure, without it we are doomed to moulder away as we are, a minimum wage service economy with limited opportunities for young people and their families, surely we owe it to them to do better?


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