Free parking is needed

Winter Gardens car park.
Winter Gardens car park.
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Is it me or can commonsense come to the forefront of Morecambe’s future?

I’m sick and tired of seeing my customers racing to put money into parking meters, or having to move their car in between their breakfast.

So sad to see a father’s face, returning to his car with a ticket on it, having had a fun time with his wife and children on the beach, sun shining, the day spoilt, and his memory.

Can’t we come into the 21st century, a seaside resort trying to survive? Should it not be that hoteliers can have parking permits for their customers?

By the way I place no blame on traffic wardens, that is their job, even though some go beyond the call of duty.

Morecambe needs to survive, businesses need support, and we need people to return having experienced a pleasurable time in Morecambe. I feel for my next door neighbours, ploughing in that amount of investment – 10 apartments and two shops. Is it not time to review weekend parking, it’s essential to the future of Morecambe?

So many people trying to make it work in Morecambe – look at the carnival, 30,000 people. The effort of all those doing window displays to capture the imagination of visitors, and then the events organised: Blues Water, June 27/28; Morecambe Jazz, July 6; Motown Magic, August 8/9/10; Morecambe Weekender, August 24/25; Zombieville, October 17/18/19.

Look at what is organised. How fantastic would it be to announce Morecambe is to be a FREE parking resort at weekends? Who is brave enough or who has got the commonsense to make the decision?

Me being cynical, someone will say look at the revenue we will lose. I say what we will GAIN.

Steve Blane

The Crown Hotel