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Sainsburys food donation.
Sainsburys food donation.
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David Morris continues to bang on about the Morecambe Bay Foodbank, this time saying “the foodbank is set up and run by the Labour Party”. This is not the case so I wonder why he says it.

I volunteer at the foodbank and to the best of my knowledge there were no Labour members when it started and there are now only two. That’s two out of more than 30 people. The manager is not in the Labour Party and the management committee consists mostly of local clergy.

What Mr Morris would find if he ever came to the foodbank is a group of people of hugely different beliefs and opinions, many of them Conservative voters, working together to ensure that people in his constituency, including many children, get some nutritious meals while going through a crisis.

These volunteers, many of whom are retired, most having no interest whatsoever in party politics, give a lot of their time to this project and don’t deserve to be attacked and lied about by their MP.

But if the entire project was staffed by Marxist Leninist revolutionaries would that be a bad thing? They would still be giving their time and effort, helping their neighbours – your constituents – on a badly needed community project. Your prime minister might be impressed – this is the big society at work.

So come and visit the project, Mr Morris. You won’t be “shouted at under a political banner” because we don’t have one. We’ll still manage to be polite, despite your provocation. You’ll find all the statistics you claim we don’t have. We’ve always had them. See you soon.

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