Flats eyesore avoided but much has been lost

Aerial of Morecambe showing prom hotel and pool.
Aerial of Morecambe showing prom hotel and pool.
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It is nearly 46 years since I and my family left Morecambe.

Morecambe is still my home town, I was born there and still like to keep up-to-date by getting The Visitor sent from a friend (thanks Mike).

In the edition of August 13 I noticed that people used common sense and decided not to build on the promenade near the Midland Hotel any high rise building. This would have been an eyesore and would have spoiled the views across the bay.

I have an old picture of how it looked during my younger days with the swimming stadium, bandstand, gardens and paddling pools, which should never have been removed. Kids played with their wooden boats in the shallow pools on a Sunday afternoon. People would sit in deck chairs and listen to a band play in the bandstand and just across the road there was the fairground.

Thousands of people came to town to enjoy themselves but it seems that the councils of yesterday put a stop to all that.

From what I have been told the old town will never be the same again. A shame.

Derek Gardner

Hampton Park