Every vote does matter

Ballot box.
Ballot box.
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What an amazing day on Friday, May 23. I am still getting over it, it was so close. To draw with Labour and then win by one single vote on a recount, just shows that every single vote really does matter. 

A big thank you. 

First to the people of Westgate in Morecambe for voting for me, I feel honoured.

Secondly to everyone at UKIP. We may have been small in numbers at times but thanks to your efforts we succeeded.

Lastly to my wife and family, who have encouraged and helped me and have been very patient. 

Now elected, it does not matter whether or not you voted for me in the election. I am here to represent everyone equally and listen to the people of Westgate’s concerns and problems. I will do my best to assist in making your lives better and Westgate a better place to live.

I plan on holding regular surgeries and will publish the details locally as soon as I have confirmed them.

If you need to contact me please feel free to call me on 07979 780019 or email me at Steven-ogden@ukipnorthlancs.co.uk.

Once again thank you to everyone.

Coun Steven Ogden

Westgate Ward

Morecambe Town Council.