Entrance feels unsafe

Booths at Carnforth.
Booths at Carnforth.
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I am a regular shopper at Booths in Carnforth – a store which I like and am comfortable with.

Now an idiot has sanctioned planning for a new store to be built next door to Booths.

There is now a joint in-or-out entrance to the car parking areas. This is for the customers.

Last week a driver of a large juggernaut vehicle decided to back into this area from the main road, apparently delivering goods to the store during a busy afternoon period.

While the driver took time to take this action all customers could neither leave or enter the car parking area. It caused a lot of confusion and hopefully no cars were damaged.

We have too many stores in this area – Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and others. No wonder there is a loss of a so-called high street these days.

I will not be visiting the new store, it is not a safe place.

D Rawlinson

Address supplied.