Downfall of West End

Yorkshire street in Morecambe's West End.
Yorkshire street in Morecambe's West End.

The following is a copy of what I have sent in regarding consultation over the spending of £1m lottery cash in the West End.

I have lived in the West End for 10 years now. Here are my views on what should be done.

Spending any more cash on infrastructure projects anywhere in the West End is a total waste of money.

The problem with the West End area is as follows:

1 Low life-forms that live there;

2 Lack of council enforcement;

3 Lack of police presence and law enforcement;

4 Tatty derelict properties.

The streets and especially alleyways are full of rubbish that has been fly-tipped. If the council bothered to enforce the fly-tipping regulations and prosecute the offenders, the area would look far better.

If the police and dog wardens prosecuted the continual dog fouling by people who ignore their responsibilities to clean up after their pets, the pavements would be cleaner and healthier.

If there was a meaningful police presence to apprehend all the anti-social behaviour merchants on the streets of the West End and to actually prosecute offenders, then the West End would be a much safer place to live. The police presence by the occasional car patrol is useless and hopeless. Police walking the beat regularly are what is required.

The council have the powers to enforce owners of properties to keep them presentable. This never seems to happen in the West End. Therefore the place looks derelict and forgotten.

There are some good people who live in the West End. There are though many low life-forms who continue their lives in many anti-social ways with impunity, to the detriment of the West End generally. That crime is not reported does not mean that crime does not exist. By the time you report a crime to someone remote, by phone, who does not even know where the West End is, it is too late to be worthwhile. So most crime does not get reported. This no doubt suits our over-paid politicians, who can claim that crime rates are falling.

The West End does not need money, it needs care and attention.

Jim Speed

West End


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