Don’t be hasty to Opus

Opus North - Frontierland.
Opus North - Frontierland.
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Doesn’t life look wonderful when you wear rose tinted glasses. Many people in Morecambe, desperate for anything to put on the old Frontierland site, hail Opus North as our saviours as they envisage tens of thousands of visitors coming down the new road to do shopping in Morecambe.

To give us yet another care home in our town is a slap in the face, and the ludicrous, ridiculous claim by Opus North that their 62-bedroom hotel will have little or no impact on other hotels in the West End is an insult to our intelligence.

Instead of care homes and hotels, how about a medium-sized fun pool, an ice rink perhaps, with other attractions for children and young people, combined with some retail and restaurants, and maybe a family sports and live music bar based on the very popular one we already have? This would be immensely more beneficial for our town.

Our town can rise again with the right investors. The old Frontierland site is a prime site in our town so any plans must be beneficial for us all. In the long term Opus North’s plans are doomed to failure which we cannot afford to let happen. With the new road opening other investors will be interested in us.

So, take off your rose tinted glasses people of Morecambe and you will see our fantastic town deserves far better.

Mr N Appleyard

Lambrigg Close