Dog walkers being shut out

A reader believes dog walkers are being unfairly excluded from King George's field.
A reader believes dog walkers are being unfairly excluded from King George's field.
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I am writing about the recent changes to the King George field in Morecambe.

As from December 1 the area has become a ‘no dogs allowed’ area. This has been used for a number of years by the local community, including dog walkers, without problems.

Then Lancaster City Council decided, even after an outcry from the community in disagreement, to give the area to Westgate Wanderers football club.

Since then, between the football club and the school (Heysham High), complaints have rolled in about dog mess, unruly/anti-social behaviour and general discontentment about anyone on the land other than the said mentioned.

Morecambe I think is close to becoming the most dog unfriendly place to live or visit. Unlike Cumbria who have had the sense to realise by welcoming dog walkers, they generate revenue through visitors with dogs visiting their area. They also accommodate their council tax payers by providing facilities that are much needed, such as outdoor space for the community, including dog walkers.

The King George field was meant to be used by Morecambe community, not an elite two ie: school and football club, but for the last two years they have discouraged any sort of community involvement, and gone out of their way to alienate dog walkers, aided by Lancaster City Council.

We have very little green space in Morecambe. The King George field belonged to the community. Are we going to get anything to replace the area for our community, which includes dog walkers?

Derek Harrison

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