Deserving contempt

Winter Gardens in Morecambe.
Winter Gardens in Morecambe.
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I had to smile at the onslaught in ‘Duplicating the council’ letter (December 30) because it really was full of such hateful bile I couldn’t do much else.

For someone, we don’t know who, to ridicule just about every organisation whose intentions are community spirited seems way over the top.

An insight, judging by the tone of the letter, is obviously from someone who misplaces ‘bleeding-heart left wing propaganda’ with people who genuinely care about the Morecambe community.

To want to demolish the Winter Gardens with chairpersons under the rubble (a bit much one would think), without understanding what commitment is given to such projects, deserves nothing but contempt.

Calling people who find themselves in financial difficulty, many facing extreme poverty, “cynical scroungers and abusers”, shows a deep lack of compassion and understanding.

To all the many community groups in Lancaster and Morecambe I wish a happy and fulfilling new year, to the author of the letter, a latter day Alf Garnett, I say bah humbug.

Chris Cheetham

Park Crescent