Council lets us down

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As a resident of Overton I am dismayed at the lack of duty of care Lancaster City Council is showing to the council tax payers of Overton regarding the Gypsy Light and Life Festival which is taking in place in July.

It is basically at the bottom of the garden for residents living on Kevin Grove, and opposite for residents on Lancaster Road.

The land also surrounds the village primary school Overton St Helen’s, which luckily will have broken up just a few days before this event.

As we understand the Parish Council has been trying to work alongside the organisers to find information and help with the planning, ie traffic management, but their lack of communication with the parish council has left us all not knowing what to expect.

We understand that the council says this event doesn’t require licences, ect, as it is a private event, but surely there is a huge health and safety issue regarding the number of vehicles and people attending this week-long event.

The roads into Overton are narrow and basically its one way in and one way out. We have no shops or amenities, so the impact of 700 caravans and 3,000 people will be felt by neighbouring areas.

These figures are from last year’s festival which was one of the largest, and people travel from all over the world to attend.

Details of these events are posted on YouTube by the Gypsy Light and Life Ghurch. This is what they call themselves so I am no way highlighting the word ‘gypsy’, as it has been suggested the village is against it for that reason.

This is not the case at all as we welcome anyone. It is purely the location that the problem is with, as it is totally unsuitable for road safety issues.

Surely it would be in the interest of Lancaster City Council to contact the organisers and a more suitable location be found to host this festival, not just for residents but also for the people attending.

I know that highways is a County Council matter but our City Council should be working alongside them on our behalf rather than saying “nothing to do with us”.

Incidently Lancaster City, are you going to collect all the rubbish left behind? Or is that “nothing to do with you” either?

Name and address supplied.