Council has limited role in Overton traveller festival

Lancaster Town Hall.
Lancaster Town Hall.
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In a recent letter an anonymous correspondent made a number of points relating to the forthcoming Light and Life Festival, which is taking place in Overton, and the involvement of Lancaster City Council.

However, it must be remembered that the city council does not directly have the powers available to prevent the festival going ahead.

The event is privately organised and is taking place on private land and the city council does not have the powers to move the venue. We understand that the parish council is taking this up with its MP.

Clearly with any event there will be wider issues created which are then dealt with by the authority that has the relevant powers.

Highways, for instance, are being dealt with by Lancashire County Council and public order is the responsibility of the police.

In relation to issues which may relate directly to the city council a senior officer is acting as liaison with the parish council to respond to any city council-related issues the parish council has.

Litter is one of these issues and, as your correspondent points out, events in the district do sometimes create litter. As with any event we expect the event organisers to deal with this and we have made that clear to them.

We will, however, be monitoring the situation and deal with the litter that is left on public land.

While residents may find it frustrating that they have to deal with several different agencies, we each can only deal with the issues for which we are responsible and where we have the legal powers available to us.

Mark Davies

Chief officer (Environment)

Lancaster City Council