Could be a UFO

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I FOUND an article in the Visitor (December 29) whilst flicking through about UFO’s and earthquakes written by Ingrid Kent.

This article grabbed my attention straight away!

My mum (Sharon) was out in the back garden at night having a cigarette when I was on the computer, as she does not smoke inside the house.

She goes outside four or five times a day, maybe more, maybe less.

On December 23, she was out having a cigarette in the garden at night, and called me to come downstairs.

She said that she saw ‘something’ in the sky and wanted me to have a look.

It was really odd as there was this orange ball of light, glowing, circling the sky coming over from Heysham, over Morecambe.

At first I thought it was a plane but planes do not circle around randomly at night, they usually fly in a straight line, and they only have small lights on the wings of the plane which flash on and off, usually red or white lights.

This was a constant orange glow.

I also started to assume that it was a chinese lantern set off into the sky as it was nearly christmas but the ‘glow’ circled twice in the sky, like it was on a strict orbit.

The first time it circled, it was quite far away and the second time it circled was approximately seven minutes later but flying in the same orbit and in exactly the same place just a bit lower this time, too low to be a satellite in the sky, which was another suggestion.

There was no noise either, that I could hear of, eliminating the fact that it could have been a helicopter.

I have tried reasoning and coming up with something that can justify ‘it’, but there isn’t anything else.

If it was a chinese lantern why would it circle twice then disappear?

I wish I had taken photos but my cheapy digital camera doesn’t take good photos, but all we have is just mine and my mums opinions of what we BOTH saw.

This happened two days after the earthquake if i’m correct, which links in with Pat Regans article

I’m 98% sure it was some sort of ‘UFO’, after eliminating illiminating all possible ‘things’ it could have been.

Jade Knox

West End Road