Common sense needs to prevail

Exterior of Morecambe Winter Gardens.
Exterior of Morecambe Winter Gardens.
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What a tragedy for the Winter Gardens. With all that has been done to build it back to a functioning theatre, all that work and money, now it is found it could all be for nothing because of the attitude of English Heritage. They are living in a world which does not relate to the world out here, because they do not have to pay for their decisions, having no practical common sense with what is happening, expecting the stolen lead to be replaced to be stolen again.

It does make you think are they in league with the lead thieves. There is an alternative material.

Why don’t The Friends of the Winter Gardens challenge English Heritage with this? What are they going to do, close you down? They are doing a very good job of this anyway. This whole thing of grade listed buildings can be used to bully people to do what in reality is unrealistic in today’s world, and this is one of them.

I wish you well and hope some common sense will prevail.

Stephen Bennett

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