Co2 levels need cut

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I am dismayed by the repeated negative comments about wind turbines in the media.

The wind turbines nearest to me here in north Lancashire, at Lancaster University and on Caton Moor, are in my view a reminder that we can generate energy by harnessing the forces of nature rather than using up natural resources which pollute our atmosphere or create dangerous by-products. Wind turbine shows a real commitment to environmental sustainability, especially, since carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are now at record levels.

Some people find them visually intrusive, but they are as nothing compared to the massive concrete bulk of power stations.

And it is useful to remember that as and when other renewable energy technologies are advanced, like wave and tidal power, wind turbines can be easily removed leaving little trace behind.

Wind turbines may sometimes cause problems, but these can generally be sorted out.

For example, there were around 100 instances of peoples’ TV reception being affected by the university’s turbine which I believe have been quickly resolved by an engineer making appropriate adjustments.

Every form of energy generation leaves a ‘footprint’.

Wind turbines have one of the lowest – primarily visual.

There are sites which are not suitable – but we need more forms of energy

generation which produce much less carbon dioxide and which can provide UK manufacturing jobs.

Many of us would favour community ownership of wind farms so that the rewards are spread more widely.

If the UK had planned 30 years ago in the same way that Germany, China and Denmark did then we could be reaping greater benefits now. It’s never too late – let’s stop complaining and start creating.

Coun Gina Dowding

Lancashire County Council