Chilly times for more than comedy fans

Morecambe Winter Gardens crowd.
Morecambe Winter Gardens crowd.
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It is indeed a great pity that the Winter Gardens is a bit chilly, but no doubt many local houses and flats are quite chilly too in the winter.

Families with small children may be struggling to pay high heating bills and many of all ages may be sat in cold rooms without any heat at all or even going without hot meals.

The homeless shelter in shop doorways, how do they endure such bitter weather?

I certainly can remember as a small child trying to sleep in my cold room above our chemist shop on the corner of Park Street. The windows rattling in the wind, the sea pounding against the promenade, all kept me wide awake on stormy nights.

Everyone did wear more practical clothing in the winter as there were no cars. We knitted pullovers and jumpers, had thick coats and we muffled up in warm scarves, hats and gloves.

Mrs S J Morley

Address supplied.