Chain guard may halt pain

Front entrance to Happy Mount Park.
Front entrance to Happy Mount Park.
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Recently myself and my three little ones were enjoying time at Happy Mount Park. Unfortunately, our afternoon ended with a trip in an ambulance and a visit to A&E after my youngest son trapped his fingers in a ‘static bike’ display within the park’s nature walk.

This isn’t a letter of complaint (although perhaps the park would like to consider a chain guard on the bike to avoid similar accidents happening), but a letter of my utmost thanks to the dog walker who came to our aid.

This superhero managed to locate a park worker who supplied him with a tiny hacksaw. Although the saw broke on contact with the bike chain, he continued to saw through it using just the blade, all the while having a two-year old screaming in his ear, a slightly older brother and sister offering helpful advice and an hysterical mother shouting nonsense.

If he is reading this, again my grateful thanks. He may like to know that little Joe is recovering well after his ordeal and we plan to revisit the park again soon, perhaps avoiding any bicycles.

Clare Hambly

Sandylands Promenade